Volunteers Needed for Chapter Communications Coordinators

Chapters needed: Bedford, Franklin, Fairfax, and Staunton.
Ham Preferred but willingness is required.

VA-OK Comms Volunteers NeededChapter Communications Coordinators (CCC) Duties:

  • Facilitate chapter.and inter-chapter communication based on VAOK state standards via normal (land) and radio media
  • Guide chapter personnel in understanding and enabling communications security
  • Train and organize chapter members so that the leaders and members can communicate with each other under all social and grid conditions.
  • Help establish communications between your chapter, other chapters, and third parties such as AmRRON, under all social and grid conditions.
  • CCCs are generally not the communicators; this falls on chapter leadership and individual members. CCCs help enable the communication.
  • CCCs, will not be forced to personally use all the media types (except email). However, CCCs will assist others to use all media.
  • CCCs are members of the the State Comms Team and will work together with the other comms leaders
  • State and regional comms leaders will provide training materials and guidance to CCCs

Please use the Virginia Oath Keepers COMMS Contact Form to send a quick email.

73 de KW4MK
Mike Pandolf
VIrginia Oath Keepers State Communications Coordinator