VAOK Comms, Landnav & Tracking Training Camp Registration

Comms with Landnav and Tracking Training Camp
November 3-5 2017, Crewe, VA.

Please signup ASAP so you can receive preparatory information and radio programming files. Check out the Antenna Launcher Videos below!!

This training and camping event is free to Virginia Oath Keepers members. Non-members must pay a $20 event fee.

We have decided to combine the Comms, LandNav, and Tracking disciplines into this event. But don’t fret, you will be able to attend every class and exercise. Those who can’t go out to the field can operate from headquarters so there is something for all experience and physical levels.

On Friday afternoon, Saturday morning and Sunday morning, there will be training in Basic Radio Programming, Radio & Net Operation, Message Passing (ICS) & Relaying, Basic Landnav(GPS), and Basic Tracking. Advanced (map&compass) Landnav and Advanced Tracking will be covered as time allows.

Saturday afternoon there will be a team based competitive Comms/Landnav/Message Passing exercise.
On Sunday, those who have completed Roy’s class will lead teams in a Comms/Tracking exercise.

If you don’t have a GPS or choose to use apps instead, we recommend you obtain phone apps for GPS and/or geocaching such as Spyglass and Cachly. We also encourage you to try to find a geocache near your AO so you can have an idea of how you will find the message caches that we will place near (<5mi) the HQ. Go to for an overview.