VAOK COMMS Camp Weekend

August 11th-13th, 2017.
Please register for Comms Camp!! Include your call sign if you have one! All are invited!!!


  • Please visit AmRRon is the nationwide comms prepper org and it is free to join. Also, please purchase the AmRRon comms SOI. It is just a few dollars and will provide you with the standard operation instructions for the AmRRon network of emergency communications.
  • Bring your radio and emergency power gear for show or testing; especially go boxes. Bring any projects that need help, any coax that needs ends, antennas/hanging equipment, power cables, e-power, etc. BE SURE TO LABEL YOUR EQUIPMENT.
  • If anyone has a 6m antenna, please bring it! I hope to have a new 6m Moxon antenna but no guarantees.
  • All personnel monitor VAOK1 (147.465), we will have talk-in on the 146.88 (-) 74.4t repeater. We will be on APRS if we can hit a node or just simplex. We will beacon each minute (KW4MK).
  • Donation jar to support fuel, food, outhouse service, etc,
  • Short Seminars Fri, Sat: radio bands and their uses, antennas101, Emergency power and prep, Net and repeater operations, comms/intel security, Ham Radio community service.
  • Repeater ops and radio practice, we hope to try the 6m band?.
  • Antenna and tech shop all day
  • Food and provisions: there is no water on site, be prepared to bring your own provisions in. We may do a hobo stew so bring a couple of cans to add to the stew.
  • Camping is primitive. Outhouse is available.
  • Overnight security to safeguard equipment(????), bring a tarp!

HF and AmRRon comms (Bill S.)
HF 80-20-6m phone station
HF 80-20-6m digital station
VHF/UHF/FRS/6m station(s) (?????)-Shop & antenna testing area (Tim C.?)
-line in tree near shop to hoist test antennas
Power to support ops, Cords (????)
Setup Seminar area (KW4MK)
Land Nav with Comms exercise (if not too hot)

Tentative (incomplete) schedule
Friday, August 11

Morning, Arrival, Site survey and layout planning

shop and station/area set up

antenna hanging

Saturday August 12

0900 kickoff meeting

20min seminars

Daily net checkin attempts AmRRon
1000 14.342 phone
1030 14.110 digital
1100 7.242 phone
1130 7.110 digital
1200 7.242 phone
1230 7.110 digital
1300 7.242 phone
1330 7.110 digital
1600 14.342 phone
1630 14.110 digital
1700 7.242 phone
1730 7.110 digital
1800 7.242 phone
1830 7.110 digital
1900 7.242 phone
1930 7.110 digital
More for the night owls!

2130 Liberty net ( 3995mhz