Urban Survival Class – Southeast


Saturday, December 2 at 9 AM – 5 PM
at: 1548 Anderson Hwy. Cumberland, VA 23040
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Natural Emergencies:

Power Outages, Snow & Severe Storms, Fire, Earthquakes or Flooding.

Unusual Emergencies:

Nuclear, Civil Unrest, Pandemic, Biological Event or Economic Collapse.

  • Professional and expert instruction
  • Hands-on demos through-out the class.
  • Digital multi-page document as a take away.

Class topics include these and many more:

  • Basic human needs for survival: physical & emotional
  • Preparing your home for survival
  • Lifestyle changes to make now
  • Non-electric gizmos & gadgets
  • Should you shelter in place or bug out?
  • Situational awareness, personal safety, security issue resolution
  • Water sources: ļ¬nding & making them potable
  • Food: types, proper storage, preparation methods
  • Herbs & wild foods: foraging in your yard
  • Heating & cooling your house without electricity: tips & tricks
  • Hyper- & hypothermia: prevention & treatment
  • Waste management & disposal