Upcoming Training In Hampton

Starting in October, the Hampton Chapter will he having Comms training, specifically, classes on getting your HAM license. Everyone is encouraged to attend. Without comms, we are just a bunch of individuals working alone.

Ham Radio TrainingAll SE Virginia Oath Keepers and other interested parties are invited to Hampton to train for your ham radio license to support CPT, emergency operations, and earn your COMMO patch. We will be holding classes at the Hampton OK meetings during the next few months. These classes will focus mostly on earning your Technician class license, however we can have some discussion of General class questions for advanced personnel as time permits.
Here is the plan: All participants shall begin self-study prior to our first class in October. During these classes we will have an overview, provide study tips, and answer any questions that were raised from your self-study (including the math). To avoid wasting time, the classes will not be a comprehensive review of the question pool.
Earning your license is not very difficult; many preteen children easily pass the technician’s exam. Begin by enrolling in an online course for a Technician class ham license at http://www.hamradiolicenseexam.com. The cost is about $25 and you have as long as two years to complete the course. We will be using the material from that course during the classes.
You can, if you are self-motivated, study the FCC question pool directly. This is a free resource that is a complete listing of every question, answer, and distractor but it does not include any academic training and it could be difficult for those who are not already somewhat familiar with electronics and radio operation. The question pools can be found at: http://www.arrl.org/question-pools. These question pools are also available in apps in the App Store.
To enroll, obtain your study materials right away and contact Mike Pandolf at michael@pandolf.net and CC the CPT coordinator: hampton@virginiaoathkeepers.org.
The next two Hampton Chapter meetings are already posted, and more to be posted very shortly.