Register for the Statewide Training Weekend

Come to the spring training event, May 20-22. Limited spaces available for camping, so reserve your spot now!

Don't miss the Statewide Training weekend Deadline!The Virginia Oath Keepers Statewide Training is officially scheduled for May 20th to the 22nd. The event will be held at “Fort Hutchinson” in Cumberland Virginia. This will be a primitive outdoor training event that will include several classes for those interested in the different missions of Virginia Oath Keepers. Register before May 5th to ensure that you receive your t-shirt(s) during the Training Weekend.

NOTE: Training T-shirts will be provided for those who register prior to the May 5th, deadline. If you register after the deadline you will not receive a shirt. We will have some available for purchase for those folks at the event. However, due to limitations, we may or may not have the size(s) you need.

The Virginia Oath Keepers are offering two registrations. One for current members and one for non-members. Please choose below:

For current members: details, training schedule and registration can be found here.

For non-members: details, training schedule and registration can be found here.