Regional Urban Survival Class

We’re looking for a head count to see if there is an interest in an Urban Survival Class. The class is offered by Roy Hutchinson at no cost (FREE!) to Virginia Oath Keepers Members Only. If you are interested in this class please fill out the form on this page and let us know what region you’re in. We need to have a large enough interest for Roy to travel to the different regions. So, sign up today!

MEMBERS ONLY | Class Date: TBD | Class Location: TBD

Regional Urban Survival Class

Natural Emergencies:

Power Outages, Snow & Severe Storms, Fire, Earthquakes or Flooding.

Unusual Emergencies:

Nuclear, Civil Unrest, Pandemic, Biological Event or Economic Collapse.

  • Professional and expert instruction
  • Hands-on demos through-out the class.
  • Digital multi-page document as a take away.

Class topics include these and many more:

  • Basic human needs for survival: physical & emotional
  • Preparing your home for survival
  • Lifestyle changes to make now
  • Non-electric gizmos & gadgets
  • Should you shelter in place or bug out?
  • Situational awareness, personal safety, security issue resolution
  • Water sources: ļ¬nding & making them potable
  • Food: types, proper storage, preparation methods
  • Herbs & wild foods: foraging in your yard
  • Heating & cooling your house without electricity: tips & tricks
  • Hyper- & hypothermia: prevention & treatment
  • Waste management & disposal