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  1. Ep. 489 How the Sheriff Can and Must Protect Against Federal Overreach Tom Woods 32:46
  2. VA-Oath Keepers-Joe Thomas: Mike Payton-Update From Oathkeepers on Guard Joe Thomas: WCHV Radio • 07-26-2015 10:02
  3. Mike Payton discusses Oathkeepers on Guard, Rick Manning reveals a government mandate…on dishwashers?! Then George Rasley sheds light on violent extremists. Schilling Show: News Radio WINA • 07-23-15 39:51
  4. Oathkeeping in Cville: Mike Payton discusses Protecting Our Protectors Joe Thomas: WCHV Radio • 07-23-2015 6:07
  5. Rob Schilling talks to Sheriff Richard Mack, Sheriff Steve Smith and Mike Koeniger about upholding the Constitution. Schilling Show: News Radio WINA • 07-06-15 38:17
  6. Joe Thomas talks to Virginia Oath Keepers' Mike Payton (our state CPT director) Friday before Independence day Joe Thomas: WCHV Radio • 07-04-2015 22:54
  7. Jimmy Osmond on living a successful life, Mike Koeniger on Oathkeepers and then Eric Blehm discusses honoring a Vietnam green beret veteran. Schilling Show: News Radio WINA • 04-29-15 42:02