New Logo, Enhanced Mission

Good Evening All,

There have been many questions that have arisen surrounding the new state logo. Mostly around the design elements and some concern about why we are going away from the National Logo.

New Virginia Oath Keepers LogoThe design elements were chosen to be distinctly Virginian. The rider is a true son of Virginia, George Washington. The wording “Guardians of the Old Dominion” represent that our mission is not only to the Constitution of the United States but also to the Virginia Constitution. In addition it represents the mission of the CPTs being formed around the state. Which is to protect the state from natural and manmade events that would affect the peace and domestic tranquility of our great state. The Roman Numeral III holds a double meaning; first it ties back to the original 3% being those who stood for liberty and have to this day protected the other 97% of our country. In addition it represents the 3 pillar missions that all Oath Keepers are charged with: RTI, CPT and political activism. The decision was made to place it in a shield to represent the mission of the Oath Keeper as that of being in front to shield others from harm. I assure you there was nothing nefarious about any of the elements’ they were carefully selected to make us stand out.

Which brings me to the next part of the question, why do we seem to be going away from National’s logo. In the business world branding is everything, and believe it or not it is just as important for a movement of this nature. While there is nothing wrong with the flying the flag of the parent organization so to speak; it does not result in the State Chapter being known as anything more then just another group of Oath Keepers. As Virginian Oath Keepers you are all well aware of the amount of time money and heart that is being expended to make this the PREMIER State for Oath Keepers. It was determined that when a group of men and women invest so much of themselves in this type of movement that the deserved to be recognized. Thus the State Logo was created.

This logo has already made its way to window clings, patches with many more products coming as the funds become available. With so many folks attempting to preorder items that are marked with the logo it would seem that the decision was prudent.

Some are probably wondering, why the title included the words “Enhanced Mission”; simple that is my challenge to the leadership team. We must always remember that being as good as yesterday in a world that gets worse everyday is not acceptable! So I challenge each Leader, Oath Keeper or Guest who reads this post to ask them self; what can I do today to make myself more prepared, my chapter stronger or my State Chapter the Standard Bearer for Oath Keepers all over the country.

Gary Moore

State Chapter Vice President

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  1. Johnny B says:

    One question: Why isn’t the number ’10’ ,for the ten orders we will not obey,not on this updated Va. version?