Lobby Day 2016

Va State Flag

My Lobby Day email I sent out today. If you are not on our email list you can sign up here.

Greetings in Liberty,

Lobby Day 2016 is on January 18th and it is time for patriots to do patriot things. I am asking all of you who are physically able to attend, to please do so. Whether you are going with VCDL (they have more information on the event on their page) , with VAOK or any other group, it is important that the Constitutional view is represented and articulated. I will be there along with most of the state officers. We will have our new 4X9 cards and some decals. While I know firearms are the hot topic this year and I will certainly be speaking about those issues; I have some others I would ask you to consider speaking about. Here they are in no particular order.

  • We have seen elected officials who came into office on very slim margins and pander to out of state political interests in order to repay their donors. We, in Virginia, need to work to have access to a proper recall procedure as many other states do. When the politicians in Colorado and California subverted the will of the people, they were thrown out on the ear. Here in the Old Dominion we are stuck with them for their duration of their term.
  • We need to encourage our delegates and Senators to remind the Executive branch that there are penalties for their overreach. With the power of the purse, they can remind the Governor and AG that they are not elected kings but public servants. Next time one of them wants to rant about the evils of the Second Amendment, let them do it without the armed protection we provide them. If they talk the anti-liberty talk, they should walk that walk.
  • The Governor is asking for Medicaid expansion. The national debt is unsustainable and obligating Virginians to aid in the expansion of an arguably well meaning but doomed program will only hasten the eventual outcome. While there are other programs that should be cut, Virginians should not be forced to sign an eventual IOU that will come when the Feds run out of money.
  • The Commonwealth needs to step up to the plate and begin to exercise the Tenth Amendment muscle our founders ensured we had. Let your representative know that the “powers delegated by the … Constitution to the federal government, are few and defined” and any overreach by DC must be resisted.
  • The use of license plate readers have a place in the Commonwealth but there is a potential for abuse, encourage our legislators to follow the principles of the Constitution regarding their use.
  • Virginia shares its list of concealed carriers with other states. This has resulted in many lawful carriers being pulled over and searched when they drive north of Virginia. Let your representatives know that this is a violation of your natural rights and you will not stand for Virginia aiding oath breakers.
  • It is time that our Virginia State Police officers no longer be subject to the control of political interests. While we salute the brave men and women who serve, we want them to be unencumbered by the whims of the Governor and Attorney General. It is time to remove those political controls.

We have a webpage set up for you to let us know if you are going to Lobby Day. This allows us to say we represent X number of Oath Keeping Virginians that are in the building right now. Please, whether you are going with another organization or not, whether you need to carpool or not, sign up. Also on Wednesday evening at 2000 (8 PM), I will send emails to all the folks who are looking for someone to carpool with. While I encourage you to take the VCDL bus if you can, carpooling is also a good option. Thank you and I look forward to seeing many of you on the 18th.

Quick update:  We will try to meet with our people on the Southwest corner of the Courtyard. I plan to be there by 0830 or so. I will be wearing a black Virginia Oath Keepers polo, I am a bald white guy and I will also be wearing some kind of hat. My name is Mike Koeniger but Mike K works fine.  Remember Semper Gumby, we need to be flexible and roll with it.

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