I Am a Virginia Oath Keeper

Va State FlagI am a Virginia Oath Keeper. I believe the Constitution of the United States is the supreme law of the land. I believe that my oath never expires. At some time in my life I raised my right hand and took an oath to defend a document (and the ideas contained within) that outlined a governmental system that defended the rights of the individual and limited the power of government. I am a Virginia Oath Keeper. I believe my duty to my neighbors is the glue that binds a civilized society. I believe in being prepared for disasters, for accidents, for evil doers and for the surprises in life. I am a Virginia Oath Keeper.

I am a Virginia Oath Keeper. I believe that every American has a right to defend him or herself. Crisis does not suspend that right. I believe that each citizen is secure in his or her home, possessions and surroundings and that no one can violate that security without a lawful court order. I believe that the only judicial process an American can be subjected to is one by his or her peers. I believe that martial law can only be enacted by the people in a community in a time of extreme emergency for a short period of time. I believe the United States Constitution limited the national government to very specific powers, that the states and individuals reserved most powers for themselves. I am a Virginia Oath Keeper. I believe that the military cannot be used against American citizens, that lawful individuals should be able to go about their business unmolested, and that residents of communities, cities and states should have freedom of movement. I believe that a citizen can only be incarcerated after a lawful jury trial or while awaiting trial if he or she poses a physical danger to society. I believe only the American military should operate inside the borders of the United States and then only in defense of our nation, states and communities. I will always defend each individual’s right to his or her property and believe that a crisis does not change an individual’s rights to that property. I know that each American has a natural right to speech, to petition the government, to disseminate information through the press, to peacefully assemble, and to freedom of conscience. I am a Virginia Oath Keeper.

I am a Virginia Oath Keeper. My belief in the sanctity of the United States Constitution and our organic law is the tie that binds me to other Oath Keepers. Regardless of differences in race, culture, gender, politics, occupation, religion or other ideologies, I will stand in brother and sisterhood with all who believe that upholding our Oath is a fundamental and moral obligation. I understand that keeping faith with other Oath Keepers, despite small differences is a tradition the architects of our great nation passed down to us. As they were able to turn adversity into victory, by following their example, so shall we! I am a Virginia Oath Keeper. I am an American.

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