Have Hope Virginians!

images.duckduckgo.comDoom and gloom is shared among our liberty minded community on a regular basis. National leaders come into our state and tell us our economy is going to explode this month or before Christmas. They underestimate the strength and resolve of our small but highly motivated community. All it takes is us banding together and working as a team. Here in the commonwealth all we need are 10,000 motivated patriots and 20 Constitutional Sheriffs. That is not even one percent (it is .12%) of our population, but with that I believe we could create real change. Strategically if each Constitutional Sheriff had 500 motivated patriots who stood behind him/her as auxiliary deputies, campaign workers, and during county council meetings the fight for the restoration of liberty in the Commonwealth would be won. It is time we took the tactics of progressivism and used them to our advantage. Imagine the stir when a Sheriff in Virginia tells the DEA or ATF or any other Fed who tries to enforce an unconstitutional executive order to get out of his/her county or go to jail. Imagine the ruckus if the House of Delegates voted to nullify an unconstitutional law.  Imagine the furor if a jury voted to acquit on the basis that the law was a violation of natural rights.  What if your Sheriff takes a Constitutional stand against the IRS or the BLM with 500 volunteer deputies young and old, from all races and creeds standing behind him? It is time we as Virginians take action for the good of our home and our fellow citizens. Forget about the cesspool of corruption up north. We need to win the Old Dominion first.

Here are your action items:

  1. Get folks to attend Virginia Oath Keepers Chapter Meetings. There is a lot going on and the changes coming will be in the direction of liberty here in the Commonwealth.
  2. Come to the November training weekend and make your voice heard with your state leadership.
  3. Talk to your Sheriff; ask him or her the questions here. If your Sheriff is a Constitutional Sheriff ask if there is an auxiliary deputy program. If there is one or he is interested in starting one get back to me at scp@virginiaoathkeepers.org.
  4. Support your state organizations; Virginia Oath Keepers, the VCDL, and other local organizations.
  5. Keep your money in Virginia. While there are many worthy national organizations, some simply do not support our efforts here. My experiences indicate that to some organizations I am nothing more than a revenue stream. I’d rather you kept your money in your pocket than send it to a corporation with no transparency or concern about the safety and future of Virginia.

The ways to win this fight are fourfold; Constitutional Sheriffs, Jury Nullification, State and Local Nullification and through the assertion of the 10th Amendment. Europe does not have this mechanism, these United States do. While it may look dire, I remind all there is a mechanism for change. I preach it to every single group that invites me to speak. We can and must win for the sake of my grandchildren and yours.

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  1. Mark Jaworowski says:

    This is what I like about us Oath Keepers – what we advocate is doable. Unfortunately, too many of my fellow conservatives prattle endlessly about “taking the country back”, but they have no idea who took it from them in the first place. This is a vision and unlike other political schemes, it does not require money, but WILL and DETERMINATION.