Family-friendly Training Exercises


There will be family-friendly training exercises at the Oath Keepers picnic on September 26, 2015. These exercises will be fun for the whole family.

We will have access to a geocaching course at Holliday Lake State Park and plan to use it for communications and orienteering training. So bring whatever Ham/GMRS/FRS radios, hand held GPS’, compass’, and map measuring tools as you have!! If you have a topographical map of the area; even better!! GPS equipment is available on site.

Units will be sent out in search of geocaches and your radios will be used for command-and-control. We hope to get started after 10AM but units can be sent out at any time during the day.

It will be great fun to combine the radio arts with a treasure hunt! So that we can get a count, please RSVP below if you think you can make it.


In support of our training exercise at the picnic, we need some ham radio operator volunteers (Tech and up).

Think of it as a mini Field Day.

We hope to set up HF command-and-control in addition to the VHF/UHF HQ located at the park. Therefore, we need HF capable operators at both the picnic and statewide.

If you can help please respond ASAP so that we can make some plans.

I will be at the site with my HF / VHF gear and a pop up tent. I hope to be there by around 10. My foot is messed up so I could use some help setting the station up.

Is there anyone who will not be on site but can be at their home HF rig? We need a HF volunteer.

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  1. SCPT says:

    Thanks for everyone who participated in this successful event.
    In harsh weather conditions a mobile communications center was quickly set up and functional, contact made with various chapters, contacts in and out of state and information transferred and received successfully.
    Members also brushed up on map reading, plotting points, shooting azimuths, terrain features, dead reckoning, orienting a map, intersection and resection techniques etc.
    Not to mention the fellowship among some truly great Americans
    Next event we will have a greater network experience and quicker set up
    Remember. You don’t rise to the occasion… you default to your level of training. We will continue to expand and refine our capabilities to be ready as the vanguard to support our communities in any natural or man-made disaster.

  2. CarolynW says:

    This is the first time I have heard of such an event. Might have been able to attend around the noon hour with more advance notice so I could do some planning but not enough time now. 🙁

  3. Oldtimer-31 Oldtimer-31 says:

    You can use the form above to contact Mike Pandolf or visit the Facebook page here: