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  1. Dennis Pratt says:


    Is the September meeting still on?

    I am a member of both the national organization and the Virginia chapter and would like to attend and possibly bring a couple of interested parties with me.

    Dennis Pratt

  2. John austin says:

    I am a national member wanting to join the Virginia chapter. Can I bring my wife to the ,9/20 meeting.

    Thanks,. John Austin.

  3. James Holbrook says:

    Winchester Oath Keepers meeting is Canceled for tonight.

    • Victor Franco says:

      Meeting this evening, June 21at Perkins?

      • Oldtimer- 31N Oldtimer- 31N says:

        Hey Victor, I had the location wrong on the site. My apologies, it was shown correctly on the Facebook page but I dropped the ball on the site. It has been corrected. The next scheduled meeting is 07/19. The 3rd Tuesday of the month at the address listed. Please keep an eye on the location as it may change at a later date.

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