Dave Briggman

Candidate for President: Virginia Oath Keepers

Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Dave Briggman, and though it was my intent to have entered the race for President of the Virginia Oath Keepers to offer members an alternative candidate, due to circumstances which have been explained, I am the sole candidate and will be elected President of our group over the week or so. I also apologize for getting this out so late, however, my employment status has changed in the past week and am about to go into civil litigation with that employer.

Let me first express my sympathy to the friends and family of Jim Raughton. I believe I met him at a recent Orange-Madison-Greene meeting and I hope many of you will, as I intend, make the trip to his Memorial Service on May 5, at 2PM.

I’m prior service Air Force, having been a Law Enforcement Specialist from 1983-85 when I was honorably-discharged under the Palace Chase program where I worked for two years as a guard at the embassies of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, leaving when the Ambassador of Qatar insisted American guards salute him.

From 1987 to 1990, I worked as a civilian for the Civil Engineering Squadron at Bolling AFB, and was taken into the Work Information Management System Team installing WANG Minicomputers across the Air Force. From 1990 to 1996, I was in North Carolina while a former girlfriend went to law school, working at Duke’s Computer Store and then selling high-end workstations for a Research Triangle Park Systems Integrator, the owning my own company.

I moved to Harrisonburg in 1996, without the girlfriend and married my wife in 1998. We live in Keezletown, just outside of Harrisonburg, where I’m a licensed bounty hunter.

Few thing mean more to me than government staying within its constitutional framework. I’ve demonstrated that by challenging Blue Ridge Community College on their illegal attempt to ban firearms, winning, in the end, only to have an illegal regulation flip BRCC to a gun-free zone. I sued JMU over their illegal weapons policy and dropped the suit when they agreed not to enforce that policy against those with concealed handgun permits…so I’m unafraid to lawfully challenge our government when it overreaches.

I look forward to reunification of our group, and expanding our voices into the political process, and expanding our membership by soliciting more current Oath Keepers, instead of primarily looking at veterans. I look forward to listening to ideas and a hearty deliberation of those ideas. I don’t go along to get along and I expect that none of you will be either. Compliant groups tend to stagnate and fail.

I’d like to thank Mike Koeniger for his leadership, as well Nik Harvey…both know I intend to consult with them and expect all current leadership to be available for consults.

Feel free to email me at briggman@gmail.com, or call me at 540-246-5252 with any questions.