Communications and Public Service

Public Safety and Prepper Comms OrganizationsHamRadio-COMMS

There are established emergency service and prepper Ham radio organizations.  VAOK reccomends that each member assocate with these to gain experience and build relationships.

Amateur Radio Emergency service (ARES),


The Amateur Radio Emergency Service® (ARES) consists of licensed amateurs who have voluntarily registered their qualifications and equipment, with their local ARES leadership, for communications duty in the public service when disaster strikes.


SKYWARN Magnets Large and small magnets are available for the SKYWARN enthusiast!

SKYWARN® storm spotters are part of the ranks of citizens who form the Nation’s first line of defense against severe weather.

American Redoubt Radio Operators Network (AmRRON),


AmRRON is committed to maintaining a continental network of radio operators for disaster response and civil defense, always ready to serve our communities, our states, our nation and our fellow countrymen with unconventional communications in times of need.


Amateur Radio Operators will use their transceivers to participate.

Listeners can purchase receivers:

For HF nets you need a single sideband (SSB) capable receiver that will receive at least the 3 to 14 MHZ bands.
We recommend: CountyComm GP5-SSB ~$75

For local VHF & UHF nets, any analog scanner will work for VAOK and many other signals. However, If you want to monitor modern public service and trunking channels you need a P25 tier 2 capable receiver.
We recommend: Whistler WS1080

Ham Radio Nets

VAOK Local Nets

Most VHF-UHF nets are posted on the events calendar. Contact your chapter leadership.

VAOK Radio Email

Used for field operations and training weekends.
Short routine and emergency messages can be sent to/from remote locations. While operating remotely, the mailbox will be checked regularly; all other times it is checked occasionally. Feel free to test it anytime to verify it’s function. We will respond upon receipt.
Give this info to your family members in case of emergency.
You must include “//wL2K” on the subject line
Body: please keep the message short to minimize radio bandwidth.

Unafiliated Comms Prep Organizations 


In 2014, American Redoubt Radio Operators Network and The American Preparedness Radio Network combined into the national prepper communications organization under is an excellent resource for prepper news and for learning and practicing your radio skills.

AmRRON Virginia Digital Net
2000 eastern
3.588 USB
Contestia 4/250

TAPRN Eastern Voice Net
Prepper subject discussion (there is a chatroom for AmRRON Members)

2100 eastern, pre-net 2000
7.242 MHz Summer, 3.818 Winter (LSB)
Tune up the band to find them.

AMRRON Virginia Prince William 70cm 444.9mhz + PL 127.3 Voice, 2nd & 4th Sunday, 2030 hrs local
AMRRON Virginia Mechanicsville, FRS/CB/CH3, Voice 1st & 3rd Thurs, 2000L hrs
AMRRON Virginia 80m 3.818  LSB Every Monday 2000 EST 0100Z
AMRRON TAPRN VOICE 80 METERS – 3.818 MHz LSB, EVERY Sunday at 9 PM Eastern, prepper subject discussion (there is a chatroom for AmRRON Members) The net control operator is Ruth. You can’t miss her female voice when you hear it.
AmRRON National Phone Nets see
ARES Local and state nets, see and select the menu or Contact your local ham community for info
AMRRON Virginia Fairfax 2m/6m fm 144.500/51.000 MT-63-1000L every Tuesday 1900 /1930 local
AMRRON Virginia 80m 3.588 USB Contestia 4/250 Every Tuesday 2000  EST 0100
AMRRON Virginia 80m 3.588 USB Contestia 4/250 Every Monday 2000  EST 0100, Moves to 40M in the spring/summer
AMRRON TAPRN DIGITAL 40 METERS – 7.110 MHz USB +1200  Mode: Contestia 4/250, 2nd and 4th Sunday at 8 PM Eastern (there is a chatroom for AmRRON Members)
AmRRON National Digital Nets see
ARES State WINLINK Wednesday, winlink server, and/or Point to Point P2P via radio. Please contact me for more info
ARES Local and state nets, see and select the menu or contact your local ham community for info.
Feel free to winlink to test your winlink capability. I check it VERY occasionally.