Black Rings and Green Lights

Good Evening All,

This past weekend it was my pleasure to spend several days amongst the great patriots of Virginia. During the course of the weekend, I was asked several times about the black titanium ring that I wear on my trigger finger. I was honored to be asked to explain it here in detail.

The Black Ring is the symbol of the #22Kill Movement, this movement was started by Honor Courage Commitment Inc.. This non-profit organization was started by Andrew Nguyen who served in the Marines as a Staff Sergeant, and promotes veterans getting degrees, finding mentor and community service as ways to transition. The #22Kill concept came about when someone brought up the statistic of 22 veterans committing suicide each day, Director of Program Development Michael Jernigan said it really began as a conversation and grew from there.

The ring denotes to transitioning veterans that you are a veterans advocate or “Battle Buddy”, and thus an ear they can count on for nonjudgmental conversation and a kind word. Many have asked why the ring is worn on the trigger finger, by asking the question it answers itself. The ring is worn on the trigger finger to get people to ask the question! I have worn mine for several months now, and have honestly lost count of the number of times I have been asked about it.

I encourage all of you to visit to join the movement! Be warn though each wearer must knock out 22 push ups prior to putting the ring on; and more importantly be ready to be there for a veteran in need!

As I prepared to write this I also took a look at the Green Light a Vet campaign. This movement began as a way to show our veterans: most of whom we cannot identify out of uniform that we support them! Feel free to take a look at for more details.


Personally I will be changing lightbulbs as soon as Lowes gets more in stock.

Gary Moore


Virginia Oath Keepers