Are you a Constitutional Sheriff?

I have been pondering on the term “Constitutional Sheriff” and what it means.  I think most of us understand that we need a David to interpose himself (herself) between the unconstitutional reach of un-elected government officials and citizens.  But it is one thing to call yourself Constitutional and another to live it.  So I have come up with some questions I believe may be pertinent.

  • Who is the senior law enforcement officer here in <your county>?
  • Is it the job of the Sheriff to enforce the law even if the law does not conform to the Constitution?
  • When does your Constitutional oath expire?
  • Can you be ordered to violate your oath?
  • Can any of the first ten amendments (The Bill of Rights) be repealed or overturned?
  • Would you allow weapons to be confiscated from homeowners during emergency situations?
  • If the national or state government ordered you and your deputies to go door to door to check for firearms, what would you do?
  • Are designated free speech zones Constitutional?
  • Is it appropriate for a citizen to film deputies while they are working?
  • If the IRS tried to seize the property of a resident in <your town> without due process, what would you do?
  • If the EPA ordered you to remove a farmer from land that his family had cultivated for the last century, what would you do? What if the land contained a protected species? What if the farmer did not receive due process?
  • What is your position on asset forfeiture regarding citizens who have not been charged with a crime?
  • Is there a way to make traffic check points Constitutional?
  • If the FDA wanted to raid a dairy for selling raw milk, what would you do?
  • If the city/county council directed you to issue more moving violations because of a revenue shortfall, how would you respond?

I think these questions are equally appropriate for police chiefs, deputies and officers.  Ask your local Sheriff these questions and if he/she answers Constitutionally, send an email to with the County/City and the Sheriff’s name.  It is time we recognize oath keepers and give them the support they deserve.  If you have additional suggestions please let me know. Also encourage them to join the CSPOA.