Alpha Dog to Outcast

Patriots, with a jaw dropped posture I watched and listened to the reports of how the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Navy had seized US Navy vessels and the 10 sailors onboard.  I am taken back by how the once mighty United States and it’s President Obama garners little to no respect in action or word.

This is my take on how we have progressed from Alpha Dog to Outcast.  There is nothing scientific about this piece just an opinion and yes I know opinions are like a certain body orifice “we all have one”, but here goes.

The U.S. emerges from WWII in 1945 as the absolute “Alpha Dog” of the world having defeated the Japanese and Germans.  It’s now, “when America speaks, “EVERYONE LISTENS”.

For the next 10 years or so time quietly progresses and moves forward.  Next up is the Korean conflict .  The U.S. moves to help stop the communist takeover of whole Korea. It’s lines are drawn in a familiar north vs south position.  Once the U.S. becomes officially involved, the escalation ceases and we are left with the current division of Korea.  It was the strength and past history of our military that brought forth this resolution.

Time marches on and we enter the turbulent ’60’s and Vietnam.  The U.S. enters the frey and soon finds itself in a whole lot of hurt.  We may have suffered a body blow but on the backs of many brave Americans, we still remain solid.

America now goes into the ’70’s which prove to be another black eye.  The Iran crisis with American hostages taken.  The world watches as a weak president stumbles.  U.S. at a low moment but remains a force of respect.

For the sake of time and space let us move forward to 2008.  A new President is elected of which has absolutely zero knowledge of world events or happenings nor the stomach for conflict.  First order of business is a world tour apologizing for the U.S. being a world “bully”. Thus begins our decline within the pack.

In the years since, the U.S. has continued down this path of weakness.  The systematic dismissal of top military officers, reduction in military strength, U.S. Senator’s mocking military service members as having a sense of “entitlement”, to the world stage where not even the smallest of governments pays any attention to our leadership.

The once Alpha Dog of the world has now slipped to a position of service within the pack.  We are no longer perceived as anything exceptional.  At this pace of decline it’s not long before we reach “third world status”.

Patriots, we must find faith.  Faith in our God, Faith in our country, and Faith in ourselves.  Faith that the furnace is smoldering but can be stoked back to flame and preserve this great country.  We owe this to future generations.

I close with the words of the last great and true news anchor, Walter Cronkite, “And that’s the way it is, good night”.

Barry Joyce,
Virginia Oath Keepers